Self Esteem Quiz

Since you’ve read a lot about self esteem, your knowledge about this topic is enough for you to answer simple questions regarding self esteem. We shall be conducting a survey about your self esteem and you will be a much help for us simply by answering the questions given below. The objective of this quiz or exercises is to know more about the your problem in self esteem and also to give more specific tips that would be helpful for you.

Here are 3 questions and given options for you to choose from. (You are only allowed to choose until 3 answers of your own choice.)

1. What is your biggest problem with self esteem?

a. I feel insecure when talking in front of people.
b. I am not good at approaching people.
c. I feel insecure about my job.
d. I do not like myself.

2. Choose a place/situation wherein you are having a problem with self esteem. (If you’re involved with the three, choose only one reason for each)

a. School; I am having problems because…
a.a. I always feel bullied.
a.b. I don’t care with my schoolmates.
a.c. I do not have friends.
a.d. I don’t want my school/teachers.

b. Work; I am having problems because…
b.a. I feel bullied by my boss.
b.b. I don’t like my job and the people involved.
b.c. I am ignored by my colleagues.
b.d. I feel fine with what they do negative.

c. Family; I am having problems because…
c.a. I am the black sheep.
c.b. I always get scolded even without offense/s.
c.c. I am always being ignored.
c.d. They never appreciated my efforts.

3. In relation with question #2, What do you want instead?

a. School
a.a. I want to be appreciated.
a.b. I want to make new friends.
a.c. I want to like my school/teachers.
a.d. I don’t want to do anything about it.

b. Work
b.a. I want to be noticed.
b.b. I want to be appreciated.
b.c. I want to do something with their negative attitude.
b.d. I don’t care with them and I don’t want to do anything.

c. Family
c.a. I want to be feel loved.
c.b. I want to be appreciated.
c.c. I want them to make me feel a part of them.
c.d. I just want to be the way it is.

With your answers, we may able to know your insights about some situations that you are in to. And for you to help yourself boost your self esteem, read lots of self-help articles and inspirational books, it will be a great help to your self esteem.

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